We keep our precious bottles at 56F in our “Collector’s Case” at the rear of the shop and all of our back stock is stored in our temperature controlled cellar below Amsterdam Ave.
Since many states have scrapped their archaic laws banning distilleries, we’ve seen a craft spirits boom. Vodka from Vermont, New York Bourbon, Minnesota Gin, etc. Come check out our unique selection.
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Amsterdam Wine Co. is the new project from the husband and wife team who opened the acclaimed September Wines on the Lower East Side in 2005. “As residents of the Upper West Side, we felt that the neighborhood could use a customer-focused store similar to our original location.”
We offer an abundant selection of $15 and under wines, an impressive portfolio of collectible gems as well as everything in between.


There are lots of wine stores in the neighborhood and if you tend to drink the same kinds of wine all the time, there are other stores that might be more to your liking.  But if you want to explore the world of wine – really get to know the multitude of wine regions and get exposed to different grapes and truly small, artisanal producers – Amsterdam Wine Co can take you on an amazing journey. Thank you, Amsterdam!

Lisa T.

I’ve lived on the UWS for 20+ years and long ago had pledged my allegiance to one of the old stalwart liquor stores in the neighborhood.  But something made we want to give Amsterdam Wine Co a shot. I did…. and I’ve never looked back. Great selection, great prices and amazing service. It’s my new “go-to.”

Jason C.

I like wine but I don’t have the budget to drink great wines as often as I’d like. The selection at Amsterdam Wine Co. is so well chosen that I feel like I’m always drinking above my means. Great addition to the neighborhood.

Rachel R.



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