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Wines to Know: Beaujolais

Beaujolais, or "BoJo" (Bo as in Bo Jackson, not *boo*) as the cool kids call it, is located in the Southern part of Burgundy, and is made from the Gamay grape. The region really got mainstream recognition with the advent of Beaujolais Nouveau, a marketing scheme celebrating the first wine of the new harvest which…

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Spotlight: 91 Pts Wine Spectator “Smart Buy”

  We've had this wine for a few months but the Wine Spectator just gave it 91 points so it won't last long.  Come grab it while you can.   San Felice Chianti Classico 2015 $17 Rich and dense, with bright black cherry, earth, tobacco and tar flavors fanning out through the long finish. There’s…

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ABC (Anthing but Chardonnay)

ABC - (Anything But Chardonnay) was such a constant refrain at a restaurant where I used to work that one year we made up t-shirts. I understand not liking the big, rich buttery, oaky Californian examples, but that's a narrow type to paint all Chardonnay with. Even in California there are many examples that go…

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Spotlight: Cider

Wine is an interesting beverage in the sense that it is held to an almost divine standard, sometimes selling for thousands of dollars per bottle. Once dissected, it's amazing to think that wine is simply crushed and fermented grapes. As New York State residents, we share a common affection for another fantastic ferment-able fruit: the…

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Spotlight: Fall Cocktails

With cider season in New York a Sherry-Cider is an easy cocktail that isn't whiskey based. Lustau's Papirusa Manzanilla is a young wine for a sherry, making it lighter in terms of yeasty and briny notes and perfect as a cocktail component. The wine itself drinks fresh, dry and crisp with apple flavors overall and…

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Wines to know: Sherry

Since it's Sherry week, we wanted to highlight an often overlooked delight. The eating rhythm in Spain where you meet your friends at 10pm for a pre-dinner snack of marcona almonds, papas fritas, and garlic shrimp fits the world of Sherry perfectly. Unfortunately most of us here don't play that way and therefore we have…

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Regions to Know: Piedmont

Piedmont is the Burgundy of Italy, where Nebbiolo is King. Though Barolo (and Barbaresco) elevated Piedmont on the wine world map, they only account for 3% of the wine made in the region. Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato, Gavi (Cortese), and Arneis are some of the other major, and more widely planted, players. Piedmont enjoys a colder…

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Spotlight: Help in California

  As most of you have heard by now, Northern California is in the middle of a major disaster. So far, only 3 days in, there is almost zero containment, over 115,000 acres have been burned (that's larger than the size of New Orleans), and many of our friends and producers that we love are…

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Spotlight: Chateau Fieuzal 2011

We have all had that 'Oh, man, if only I had bought that bottle back then' moment. The guy who brags that he bought a case of Bordeaux, Barolo, Napa Cab or whatever 10 years ago for practically nothing and now it's drinking like silk and if you wanted to buy it today you'd have…

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