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    We offer an abundant selection of $15 and under wines, an impressive portfolio of collectible gems as well as everything in between.

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    Since many states have scrapped their archaic laws banning distilleries, we’ve seen a craft spirits boom. Vodka from Vermont, New York Bourbon, Minnesota Gin, etc. Come check out our unique selection.

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    We keep our precious bottles at 56F in our "Collector's Case" at the rear of the shop and all of our back stock is stored in our temperature controlled cellar below Amsterdam Ave.

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    Amsterdam Wine Co. is the new project from the husband and wife team who opened the acclaimed September Wines on the Lower East Side in 2005. "As residents of the Upper West Side, we felt that the neighborhood could use a customer-focused store similar to our original location."

  • Mega Fridge

    Our mega-fridge has a 400 bottle capacity so we keep most of our of whites, rosés and bubbles chilled.

Amsterdam Wine Co

Tastings & Events

  • Weekly Tasting Schedule

    Special Tasting Tuesday: Kosher Wines Tuesday 9/19, 6-8pm: Gretchen from Touton will be pouring a fantastic Sancerre and Bordeaux from our Kosher section Thursday 9/21, 6-8pm: Coline from Duclot will be pouring a white and a red both from Bordeaux! Friday 9/22, 6-8pm: Meghan from T. Edwards will pour Steve Matthiasson's white blend, a value Merlot, and an…

  • Weekly Tasting Schedule

    Thursday 9/14, 6-8pm: Allan from Royal Wines will pour some of our Kosher wines for the holidays! Friday 9/15, 6-8pm: Patrick from MS Walker will pour a racy Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay blend, the Contour Pinot Noir from California, and a lemon infused gin. Saturday 9/16, 4-6pm: Dimitriy from Vision will be pour some Aussie love with Some Young Punks "Passion…

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Staff Picks

  • Seth’s Pick: Chester’a Anvil

    Sometimes late night alcohol infused conversations can lead to magic. That's exactly how Chester's Anvil was started by two of Napa Valley's best wine stars, Aaron Pott (winemaker of the year 2012) and Carol Meridith Laigier (2009 Vintners’ Hall of Fame). They wanted to create wines that lived outside of their day to day and came…

  • Jen’s Pick: Luca Malbec

    Laura Catena is the mastermind behind Luca wines, and she has a dream to produce Argentinian wines which express a distinct sense of place. Laura has a deep connection to Mendoza wine country (her father is Nicolás Catena of the famed Bodega Catena Zapata). The vineyards that this wine comes from are at an elevation…

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Store News

  • Grapes to Know: Malbec

    The world of wine is so vast, there is so much to know, so much to taste, and it's really easy to get tripped up or overwhelmed by all the information out there. It is made even more difficult because of the so many falsehoods (some intentional and some accidental) that are passed along to…

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  • Grapes to Know: Grenache

    Grenache used to be the most widely planted grape in the world, but recently it's seen a decline due to mass productions. That's a shame since Grenache is responsible for some of the best wines in the world; Chateau Rayas, Beaucastel Chateneauf-du-pape, and Sine Qua Non to name but a few. The baseline of Grenache is red…

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