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    We offer an abundant selection of $15 and under wines, an impressive portfolio of collectible gems as well as everything in between.

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    Since many states have scrapped their archaic laws banning distilleries, we’ve seen a craft spirits boom. Vodka from Vermont, New York Bourbon, Minnesota Gin, etc. Come check out our unique selection.

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    We keep our precious bottles at 56F in our "Collector's Case" at the rear of the shop and all of our back stock is stored in our temperature controlled cellar below Amsterdam Ave.

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    Amsterdam Wine Co. is the new project from the husband and wife team who opened the acclaimed September Wines on the Lower East Side in 2005. "As residents of the Upper West Side, we felt that the neighborhood could use a customer-focused store similar to our original location."

  • Mega Fridge

    Our mega-fridge has a 400 bottle capacity so we keep most of our of whites, rosés and bubbles chilled.

Amsterdam Wine Co

Tastings & Events

  • Weekly Tasting Schedule

    Thursday 2/16, 6-8pm: Patrick with MS Walker will be pouring a rich and earthy Grenache blend from Faugeres, a Sauvignon Blanc blend from the Languedoc in Southern France, Wimmer Czerny's delicious old vine Grüner Veltliner and a funky but delicate Northern Italian red. Friday 2/17, 6-8pm: Courtesy of Opici, Brian will have open Juan Gil's…

  • Weekly Tasting Schedule

    Thursday 2/2, 6-8pm: With Nick from Polaner, we'll be tasting one of our favorite Oregon Pinot Gris, a pocket-friendly and winter-ready Bordeaux Blanc, Mendel's estate grown Malbec and the $10 Garnacha from Lurra our customers clamor over. Friday 2/3, 6-8pm: As we all know, Mike from Savio Soares is a man of mystery and, consequently, we have no idea…

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Staff Picks

  • Connor’s Pick: Wimmer Czerny Old Vine Grüner Veltliner 2013

    While I try to keep the Sweetgreen staff guessing when I order as best I can, the salad I keep coming back to each month is the Kale Caesar. The price is right at under $10 including tax, the salad is always consistent no matter who's making it and their caesar strikes that perfect balance between light…

  • Caitlyn’s Pick: Camerlengo Basilicata Accamilla 2013

    Hailing from the southern Italian region of Basilicata, this skin-contact Malvasia is exactly what you need with everything savory and earthy. This is a true orange wine so prepare yourself for something a little more off the beaten path. Orange wine what?!? Orange wines are white wines made in the style of a red --…

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Store News

  • UWS Perfect Pairings

    Our customers often come into the shop looking for a pairing for one of the many local UWS takeout spots after a long day at work, but more and more, we're getting requests for certain Sweetgreen bowls and salads so we thought we'd let you in on the wines we pair with our favorite menu items!…

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  • Weekly Tasting Schedule

    Thursday 2/9, 6-8pm: Due to the winter weather, we will not be tasting but we'll still be open!! Friday 2/10, 6-8pm: Salvatore from Vias will be pouring two of our new staff favorites, a Sangiovese from Northern Italy and Sicilian producer Purato's fresh example of Nero d'Avola, in addition to a Sylvaner from Alto-Adige and…

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