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    We offer an abundant selection of $15 and under wines, an impressive portfolio of collectible gems as well as everything in between.

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    Since many states have scrapped their archaic laws banning distilleries, we’ve seen a craft spirits boom. Vodka from Vermont, New York Bourbon, Minnesota Gin, etc. Come check out our unique selection.

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    We keep our precious bottles at 56F in our "Collector's Case" at the rear of the shop and all of our back stock is stored in our temperature controlled cellar below Amsterdam Ave.

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    Amsterdam Wine Co. is the new project from the husband and wife team who opened the acclaimed September Wines on the Lower East Side in 2005. "As residents of the Upper West Side, we felt that the neighborhood could use a customer-focused store similar to our original location."

  • Mega Fridge

    Our mega-fridge has a 400 bottle capacity so we keep most of our of whites, rosés and bubbles chilled.

Amsterdam Wine Co

Tastings & Events

  • Weekly Tasting Schedule

    Thursday 4/6, 6-8pm: With Dalibor from Vinum, we'll be tasting an aromatic Croatian white blend, a funky Pinot Grigio with skin contact and Pilizota's 2012 Babic Reserve, for those looking for a deep and earthy alternative to Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. Friday 4/7, 6-8pm: Thanks to Jonathan with Winebow, we'll be pouring wines from all…

  • Weekly Tasting Schedule

    Thursday 3/23, 6-8pm: Thanks to Salvatore from Vias, we'll be tasting a Vermentino from Sardinia, Terradora di Paolo's salty Falanghina, Purato's rich and juicy Nero d'Avola and finally, a brooding example of Sagrantino from one of our staff's favorite Italian wineries. Friday 3/24, 6-8pm: Your weekend begins with Sarah from Caledonia Spirits! She'll be pouring…

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Staff Picks

  • Seth’s Pick: Some Young Punks ‘Naked on Rollerskates’ 2015

    What, what?! This ain't your daddy's Aussie Juice; no syrupy-massive-head hurts in the morning-stuffy-only the 1% can afford-beat you with an oak tree stuff. Ladies and Gentleman: This IS... Some Young Punks. Cutting edge, and against the grain, these 3 upstarts are making an all together different wine from Australia. Yes, it's still big. Yes, there's a…

  • Scott’s Pick: Broc Cellars Solano County Valdiguié

    Truth be told, my palate gravitates to the Old World. Then, again, if you have read any of my picks or stepped in for a recommendation, you likely have already noticed this. I think it's worth mentioning though I do love great New World wines. What makes one wine versus another great? Good question--somewhat subjective indeed--but…

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Store News

  • Falling for Spring Reds!

    The weather this week has us all out of sorts here at the shop - freezing temperatures one day and the next day we're reported to receive tropical highs in the 70s and pouring rain... With all this uncertainty, we need wine we can count on. A light red wine like Cabernet Franc, Dolcetto or…

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  • Spring Has Sprung!

    It looks like Staten Island Chuck may just have been right this year! Punxsutawney Phil might predict the rest of the country's winter weather, but not this city because it's spring, ladies and gentlemen. We'll have more and more rosé options each week as it continues to warm up and we're making sure that the…

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