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Seth’s Pick: Scholium Project “The Prince in His Caves” 2015

The Prince is Abe Schoener's ode to a crazy reclusive wine-making Prince in Italy who, among other things,  destroyed his vineyards instead of seeing the Antinori Family get their hands on it when his daughter married their son. It is 100% Sauvignon Blanc that is aged on it's skins for at least 30 days (thus…

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Connor’s Pick: Monastero Suore Cistercensi “Coenobium” 2015

  How often can you say you're drinking wine made by the Sisters of a Cistercian order? If I hazarded a guess, I would say fairly rarely. I certainly don't, but this wine happens to be made by such an order at their monastery in the village of Vitorchiano, just outside Rome! Under the careful guidance of…

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Seth’s Pick: Some Young Punks ‘Naked on Rollerskates’ 2015

What, what?! This ain't your daddy's Aussie Juice; no syrupy-massive-head hurts in the morning-stuffy-only the 1% can afford-beat you with an oak tree stuff. Ladies and Gentleman: This IS... Some Young Punks. Cutting edge, and against the grain, these 3 upstarts are making an all together different wine from Australia. Yes, it's still big. Yes, there's a…

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Scott’s Pick: Broc Cellars Solano County Valdiguié

Truth be told, my palate gravitates to the Old World. Then, again, if you have read any of my picks or stepped in for a recommendation, you likely have already noticed this. I think it's worth mentioning though I do love great New World wines. What makes one wine versus another great? Good question--somewhat subjective indeed--but…

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Connor’s Pick: Wimmer Czerny Old Vine Grüner Veltliner 2013

While I try to keep the Sweetgreen staff guessing when I order as best I can, the salad I keep coming back to each month is the Kale Caesar. The price is right at under $10 including tax, the salad is always consistent no matter who's making it and their caesar strikes that perfect balance between light…

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Caitlyn’s Pick: Camerlengo Basilicata Accamilla 2013

Hailing from the southern Italian region of Basilicata, this skin-contact Malvasia is exactly what you need with everything savory and earthy. This is a true orange wine so prepare yourself for something a little more off the beaten path. Orange wine what?!? Orange wines are white wines made in the style of a red --…

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Connor’s Pick: Château La Roque Pic Saint Loup 2014

While the vineyard site has changed hands within the de la Roque family since the 13th century, this Languedoc winery undoubtedly remains one of the oldest family-run vineyards in all of France. For those unfamiliar with the wines of the Languedoc, the A.O.C. shares the same red grape varieties as much of the Rhône: Mourvédre, Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault…

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Scott’s Pick: Jean-Baptiste Souillard VdF (Ardèche) Roussanne 2014

While I very much want to like wines from Roussanne, I tend to avoid them: dense, cloying, unctuous, tiring are all words that come to mind. The grape's aromas are pleasing, but the palate halts those pleasures. Yet, recently, I tasted this delicious bottling from a young producer on the right bank of the Rhône and…

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Connor’s Pick: Tensley Santa Barbara County Syrah 2015

While I hate to play favorites, particularly in wine, Syrah may be my favorite red grape varietal of the new year. Nebbiolo still has its place in my heart, but it may have been momentarily dethroned, at least until this weather clears. Dark black fruit, earthy tannins and notes of peppercorn dominate the palate and finish on…

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Carlos’ Pick: Analemma Gewürztraminer 2013

Anytime a new Gewurtztraminer comes into the shop I have to bring it home to my wife.  So when the Analemma came in I knew I would score some points. What I didn't realize is how many points I'd score! This wine is amazing! Organically grown in the Columbia Gorge AVA in Oregon from vines that are…

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