We are true wine enthusiasts who are eager to guide our customers on a joyful journey through the wine world by drinking thoughtfully and drinking adventurously.  We provide our customers with an expertly curated and ever-changing selection from the world’s finest wine producers; both the well-known as well as the up and coming.  We don’t buy on scores.  We taste every wine that comes into our store and assess them based on style and value.


From the Owner: I opened September Wines on the Lower East Side in 2005 and under my direction, the store was bestowed with many awards and received some great press:


Twice voted “Best NYC Wine Shop” – Citysearch


“Critic’s Pick” – New York Magazine


Top 20 NYC Wine Destinations – Food & Wine Magazine


“Small but excellent…helping to extend and improve the wine culture in the United States.” – Eric Asimov, New York Times


We were successful not because we stocked the wines that were the sales leaders in their respective categories as many retailers do but because we did our own thing and provided the finest customer service.


We sought out wines that were made by real wine growers who don’t have the enormous marketing budgets that buy a wine market recognition.  The best music is not made by the artists that dominate the Top 40 radio stations. The best novels are not always written by the authors who perennially show up on the Best Sellers list.  These singers and writers merely have the marketing muscle of the large record labels and publishers behind them to catapult them into public awareness. And it’s no different with wine.


Yes, some well-known wines are indeed great (as are some books and records).  But the vast majority of wineries are independent.  And many have been making wine for generations.  These are the gems. These are the wines that represent value and are made with passion and soul. And along with some of the more well-known standouts, these are the wines we want to bring to our customers.


$15 and Under


We know that this is the price range most people drink wine so we have an entire section of the store dedicated to it. We pride ourselves on our ability to find truly delicious wines at these price points.


Beyond $15


We also love wines that offer great value above the traditional “value” range. So, our selection of $16-$50 wines is vast and something we are very proud of.


Premium Selection


We are the only store in the neighborhood offering premium fine wines in an easy-to-shop, temperature-controlled display case.


Want it cold?


Our mega-fridge has a 400 bottle capacity so we keep most all of whites, rosés and bubbles chilled.



Proper Storage


We keep our precious bottles at 56F in our temperature controlled case at the rear of the store. And all of our stock that’s not on the sales floor is stored in our cavernous temperature controlled cellar below Amsterdam Ave.



Craft Spirits


While wine is certainly our main thing, we also love to drink cocktails.  Since many state legislatures have scrapped their archaic laws that once banned distilleries, we’ve seen a craft spirits boom.  Vodka from Vermont,  New York Bourbon, Minnesota Gin….. Lots of great stuff being made.  We have a unique selection with a special focus on whiskey and gin.



Excellent Staff


There aren’t many auto parts stores where the staff knows only a little about cars.  But wine and liquor stores throughout the country are staffed with people who don’t know much about the product on their shelves.  Our staff is passionate and knowledgeable about wine and spirits.  We drink it, we read about it and we love it.  Our knowledge and passion helps us to ensure that our customers are going to get a wine they will like.





We know you’re busy.  So, we offer same-day delivery….even if it’s just a bottle or two (generally within a half hour). See our delivery guidelines here.