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Wines to know: Sherry

Since it’s Sherry week, we wanted to highlight an often overlooked delight.

The eating rhythm in Spain where you meet your friends at 10pm for a pre-dinner snack of marcona almonds, papas fritas, and garlic shrimp fits the world of Sherry perfectly. Unfortunately most of us here don’t play that way and therefore we have really missed out on the fantastic pleasures of Sherry. Sherry can be light and dry, so perfect as an aperitif or with nuts and olives; it can be dry with more body so pairing well with fried fish like mackerel or melding well with spicy jalapeños or a pasta with tomato cream sauce; it can be sweet to finish a meal with dessert or cheese. As you guessed it, there really is a vast world to explore in Sherry.

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