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What’s the difference between the Estate Rosé and Summer in a Bottle from Wolffer?

Rosé Series Spotlight

It’s rabbit season; it’s duck season. Yes it’s Rosé season! We are as excited as you are that finally Summer. Is. Coming. We here at Amsterdam take our rosés as seriously as other ‘serious’ wines and we will have some 30-40 different ones available throughout the season. We thought it might be fun to start highlighting some of our more unfamiliar ones and hope that maybe you will choose to play once in awhile with some different styles.

Which brings today’s email to:
outside of the bottle what is the difference between the two Long Island powerhouse rosés?

Body: medium+
Fruit: ripe fruits with hints of chalk and creaminess
Food Pairings: fish, chicken, pork
Organic: no

Body: medium
Fruit: wildflowers, apple, and pear
Food Pairings: smoked salmon, fish, pork, shellfish
Organic: no

In a nutshell: the estate bottling is slightly bigger in body and richness and can stand up to heavier foods like burgers and grilled meats. The difference is in the blends. Both are merlot heavy (50% vs 51%) and chardonnay but the Summer in a Bottle has a bit more Gewürztraminer which gives it its floral notes.

Both are fun and enjoyable.
(Pool not included)

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