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Spotlight Rosé: Lusenti Fiocco di Rosé 2015

Body: Light bodied with a spritz
Fruit: Citrus-like with meyer lemon and subtle green apple
Food Pairings: Tabouli Bulgar Wheat Salad
Organic: yes, certified

Lusenti’s Fiocco di Rosé is lighter-bodied with subtle floral aromas and a gentle citrus note on an elegant palate whose effervescence adds to its brightness. It is produced from organically grown fruit in the Emilia-Romagna region by leaving the must in contact with the skins for a number of hours, extracting what will add to the wines color and aromatics. It’s then left to undergo secondary fermentation in stainless steel, where it gains a subtle effervescence.

As obscure a wine as a sparkling pinot grigio rosé sounds it turns out to be the most versatile wine to have for Spring. It serves well as an aperitif or as a pair to salad and quickly-prepared weekday bites. Even more so, it’s a park and picnic wine. It’s a party wine, ever drinkable and classy feeling.

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