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Spotlight: Fall Cocktails

With cider season in New York a Sherry-Cider is an easy cocktail that isn’t whiskey based.

Lustau’s Papirusa Manzanilla is a young wine for a sherry, making it lighter in terms of yeasty and briny notes and perfect as a cocktail component. The wine itself drinks fresh, dry and crisp with apple flavors overall and a tangy lime note on the finish. Weidmann & Groh Grohsecco Apfelperlwein has a tart apple flavor, is pleasantly briny and adds freshness and acidity. A cinnamon stick makes a perfect garnish adding subtle complexity.

It’s simple, just add 1oz. cider to 3oz. sherry over a single ice cube. Stir and add a cinnamon stick as garnish.

Here’s another great winter starter, that’s just as simple- a Godard. You’ll need 1.5oz Bourbon, 1oz Cardamon syrup, 1 tablespoon of fig jam (store-bought, in jar) and an orange slice.

Muddle orange and fig jam in bottom of a shaker, then add bourbon and syrup, as well as ice. Shake well and pour over more, fresh ice.

Cardamon Syrup is made by adding a 2:1 water to sugar solution with 4 tablespoons of cardamon pods.

Add all to pot and simmer, stirring to melt sugar. Remove from heat and steep for 30 minutes. Strain and cool then bottle. Keep refrigerated.

Cheers to Fall.

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