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Spotlight: Cider

Wine is an interesting beverage in the sense that it is held to an almost divine standard, sometimes selling for thousands of dollars per bottle. Once dissected, it’s amazing to think that wine is simply crushed and fermented grapes. As New York State residents, we share a common affection for another fantastic ferment-able fruit: the apple.

Cider is the perfect drink choice for the fall and winter months- whether it’s still, sparkling, or spiced. There is something comforting about curling up with a warm blanket with a glass in hand, or sharing a sparkling bottle with dessert among friends. We currently have 2 tasty ciders to choose from with more to come:

Weidmann & Groh, Grohsecco
Country: Germany (Freidberg-Ockstadt, Hessen)
ABV: 6%

This golden apfelwein is lightly carbonated with higher tannins and acidity, and lower levels of sugar. It’s rich on the palette and reminiscent of an old English vintage cider, with a traditional oily texture and a hint of oakiness. It would pair well with savory-sweet meat such as roasted pork.

Cidrerie du Vulcain, Transparente
Country: Switzerland
ABV: 7.1%

This cider was made using traditional methods, such as using indigenous yeast to capture the natural sparkle using heirloom apples. It is light and dry on the palette with hints of baking spices, yeast, honey, and a slight funk. It is comparable to the traditional ciders of Normandy, France. Grab a picnic basket full of flaky French pastries and watch the leaves fall.

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