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Spotlight: Behind The Glass

We here at Amsterdam spend a majority of our time looking for some really great wines to share with you, and we are really glad to do that. Based on your feedback we have been successful (mostly) in our selections. We wanted to take a few emails to showcase some of the wines we hold dear that live in our temperature controlled glass case in the back of the store. These wines may not be for everybody’s wallet, but there are plenty back there that could be your one splurge for the year type of gift. Most are expensive but there are some gems back there that can be had for less than $100.

Just because they live behind glass, doesn’t mean they are not within your grasp.



We have some of the traditional selections like Pahlmeyer, Caymus, Shafer, and Kistler, but we also have some super rare ( Sine Qua Non) and some more cutting edge stuff.

Favia Napa Valley Red Cerro Sur 2012

Anne Favia (former viticulturist to David Abeu) is married to Andy Erickson (acclaimed winemaker of: Screaming Eagle, Arietta, Ovid, Jonata, Hartwell to name drop a few) and together they make this fairly unknown label. This wine just rocks the house and hits close to my heart since I am a huge lover of Cabernet Franc, especially in that big American style.

Heitz Trailside Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Heitz is a legendary Cali producer going back to 1961, but this baby brother to Martha’s Vineyard often gets overlooked. Trailside is much more approachable in it’s youth, for less than half the cost. Bold and luscious this opulent Cabernet delivers in spades!

Kongsgaard Chardonnay Napa 2014

To walk John Kongsgaard’s vineyards is a surreal experience. Where other growers may have 40 to 50 berries in each bunch, John has 9. It’s just naked vines with scattered berries. Meticulous. Exacting. He dug a cave in a mountainside on his property to make an underground winery. His wines reflect his passion and he has trained 100’s of today’s respected winemakers.

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