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Seth’s Pick: Some Young Punks ‘Naked on Rollerskates’ 2015

What, what?! This ain’t your daddy’s Aussie Juice; no syrupy-massive-head hurts in the morning-stuffy-only the 1% can afford-beat you with an oak tree stuff. Ladies and Gentleman: This IS… Some Young Punks. Cutting edge, and against the grain, these 3 upstarts are making an all together different wine from Australia. Yes, it’s still big. Yes, there’s a lot of alcohol. So? Here we have their Shiraz (Syrah) and Mataro (Mourvèdre) blend that is all full black berry fruit, round and ripe, fresh picked from the bramble and crushed into your mouth, with a controlled center and nice firm tannins to hold it all together. It’s lush. It’s fresh. It’s so darn good. Fire up the barbie for burgers by the pool and oh, yeah you are skating! Vegan and Vegetarian friendly to boot.

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