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Seth’s Pick: Ferdinand Tempranillo, Napa 2014

Ann Kraemer used to bottle her own Tempranillo from her Shake Ridge Vineyard, and it was one of the most exciting “new” California wines I tasted. At some point Ann decided to stop making her own wines and just focus on her amazing vineyard. Some of the people who get their grapes from her? Favia, Keplinger, Dirty and Rowdy, Tribute to Grace, and Ferdinand.

A few have tried to capture the original magic of that Shake Ridge Tempranillo, but few have succeeded; until Ferdinand came along. When I first tasted this wine I was immediately transported back to the first time I tasted Shake Ridge! This medium-bodied, dry and elegant wine captures all the classic Tempranillo characteristics of wild red fruits and plum with a touch of underbrush. It’s a savory wine with hints of smoke and leather, lively in the glass; subtle with a silky freshness and present but resolved tannin. Enjoy this now or you can actually hide this in the closet for a few years and it will continue to please.

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