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Seth’s Pick: Domaine Gayda ‘Figure Libre’ Cabernet Franc 2015


Body: Full
Fruit: black cherry, cassis, spice
Food Pairings: lamb, burgers, steak
Organic: yes and biodynamic

Domaine Gayda is one of the early wineries that focused on quality over quantity. Adhering to more ancient techniques in the vineyard with hand picking and sorting but their winery is all state-of-the-art new with all the modern techniques to make sure that their wine is protected. They are really leading the way in that region in that you don’t have to compromise to make high quality, hands off, organic wine.

This Cabernet Franc is a classic example of what the NEW Languedoc is capable of: deep, rich, age-worthy wine with soft fruit and deep (though also soft) tannin. The black fruit gives way to a spice box mixed with a vegetal element, all wrapped in silk with a quiet power and finesse. A complex wine that seems simple all the while disappearing from the glass too quickly.

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