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Seth’s Pick: Cardinal Spirits ‘Terra’ Botanical Gin

I am not usually a Gin fan, but Cardinal Spirits new ‘Terra’ gin stopped me in my bias and made me pay attention. This gin is made in Indiana, but gets its spice blend from Lior Liev Sercarz owner of La Boite (who also happens to live above our store).

Lior was tasked to create a gin that reminds one of being outdoors in the woods, and for me there are definite hints of that. For me though it was more the soft ‘London dry’ beginning (hardly any Juniper) that then moved through the forest flavors and finished with Zuta, which is a wild Israeli mint that Lior grew up on.

My cocktail mind raced through all the wonderful drinks I could make with this:  just add watermelon, or mint, or sage, any iced teas ( Chai Wallah ), or plain club soda – really almost anything to make an incredibly refreshing summer cocktail. It would even be great in the other seasons. I’ve found my cocktail gin.

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