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Seth’s Pick: Banshee Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2015

Banshee was the brainchild of some California winemakers who wanted to offer great Pinot at a fraction of the prices that are out there. Capitalizing on their existing relationships with growers, they cobbled together parcels from all over the region, focusing on Sonoma Coast. Because their grapes come from different vineyards, and their blends change, each vintage can be slightly different.

The 2015 vintage has a little more weight in body than the 2014’s, the fruit a little lusher, but still sticking to their core value in tightly wound structure, red fruits, and medium acid. This vintage also finds some cherry blossoms on the nose and dark plum on the finish.

Each year Banshee is my pick for value Californian Pinot Noir. The wines always strike me as over performing their price point.

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