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Scott’s Pick: Domaine Huët Vouvray Sec ‘Le Haut-Lieu’

Vouvray, in the Loire Valley, is home to some of the greatest examples of Chenin Blanc. And, arguably, Domaine Huët is one of the greatest producers in Vouvray.

Escaping Paris to heal his war-damaged body post WWI, Victor Huët moved to the Loire and founded his storied estate with the purchase of Le Haut-Lieu in 1928.

Of the estate’s three Crus, Le Haut-Lieu is the most approachable when young. While I find it very pretty right now with peach, honeydew and mineral aromas vibrantly showing with a fresh snap of acidity, the wine will benefit from additional time in the cellar. How long? While the answer is tied to your taste preference, I think five to ten years is a proper minimum even though the wine could easily be enjoyed in two to three decades.

Sadly, because we receive so little, and demand for the wine is justifiably high, I recommend you not wait, because the bottle will end up in someone else’s fridge!

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