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Scott’s Pick: Broc Cellars Solano County Valdiguié

Truth be told, my palate gravitates to the Old World. Then, again, if you have read any of my picks or stepped in for a recommendation, you likely have already noticed this. I think it’s worth mentioning though I do love great New World wines. What makes one wine versus another great? Good question–somewhat subjective indeed–but for this space, let’s focus on why Chris Brockway is making highly compelling wines. Chris works with only organic and biodynamic fruit sources, and in the cellar foot troddens the grapes and is for the most part hands-off. His Valdiguié–for years, many in California thought this variety was Gamay–is a beautiful, aromatic quaffer with dark fruit notes and soft tannins. Gulp it with a burger or without but definitely with a slight chill!

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