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Scott’s Pick: Aperitivo Cappelletti ‘Americano Rosso, il Specialino’

I am not too good when it comes to keeping a secret. However, if Ancient Erboristeria dr. Cappelletti invited me into their inner sanctum, and said “shhh, we’re about to tell you our family recipe”, I would immediately pledge allegiance. The secret to creating this liquid gold would be buried deep in my vault.

I do know Cappelletti is based in Trentino, and their Specialino is a blend of white wine and alpine herbs with red carmine coloring. Although, which natural herbs remains a mystery. It has bitter qualities like Campari, yet not as bitter, and sweet qualities like Aperol, but not as sweet. The alcohol level is 17%, and drink possibilities are endless. You can add soda and an orange for a refreshing apéritif, or for my favorite, add red vermouth and soda for an Americano. Then again, an Americano + Gin = a Negroni. Endless, right?

Knowing no invitation from the family will come, I like to imagine the possible herbs as I take another sip, and my mind slips into a daydream appropriate for these deep summer days.

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