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Joe’s Pick: Coenobium ‘Ruscum’ Lazio IGP Bianco 2016

Body: Full
Fruit: Subtle green apple but primarily mineral driven
Food Pairings: Easily pairs with charcuterie, like burrata and salsiccia
Organic: Practicing Organic
From a small holding of vines over 50 years old tended by Cistercian sisters and vinified under the supervision of a second generation winemaker, Ruscum is lovingly crafted just north of Rome in small quantities, naturally. A blend of Trebbiano, Verdicchio and Malvasia whose skins are left in contact for two weeks providing texture and tannins, depth of complexity aromatically and a visually pleasing amber hue. The result, a food-versatile winter-white.Coenobium Ruscum is floral, hinting at white fruit on the nose, textured and reminiscent of aniseed mid-palate with a bright, long finish. It’s layered, complex and makes for savory pairings even Cistercian sisters would approve of. It’s most interesting to drink along with almost any variety of light fare; from quince paste and prosciutto d’oca to butifarra and garrotxa.

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