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Joe’s Pick: Castello Romitorio Rosso di Montalcino 2015

Body: Medium
Fruit: Bitter cherry with herbal notes
Food Pairings: Bistecca Fiorentina, a heroic sized T-bone steak, served aside arugula or broccoli rabe.
Organic: no

Romitorio’s Rosso di Montalcino is an Italian artist’s pet project, a wine produced from vineyards on slopes surrounding a 12th century castle. The wine itself is a “Baby Brunello” made completely from Sangiovese Grosso aged twelve months in French oak.
As with other Rossos, it’s ready to drink now. On the nose, it offers deep complex cherry notes that are reflected on the palate along with medium tannins and other pleasant, complex herbaceous subtleties. It’s picture perfect Tuscany, really.

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