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Jason’s Pick: Albert Mann Pinot Gris Rosenberg 2014

Jason’s Pick: Albert Mann Pinot Gris Rosenberg 2014, $25

Based in Wettolsheim, about 20km south of Ribeauville, Albert Mann sits firmly in the top rank of Alsace producers. The quality of wines from here is always incredibly consistent, but at the same time has been on a constant upward curve; a fact that must be in part related to the estate’s conversion to biodynamic viticulture. Brothers Jacky and Maurice Barthelme consistently produce wines of richness, concentration and intensity, while never losing sight of terroir. The Pinot Gris from the Rosenberg vineyard straddles beautifully a traditional rich textural Alsace Gris styles and more mineral pure and precise styles from German regions just over the border (where it is referred to as Graüburgunder) Think mineral and fresh with a little more ooomph under the hood.

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