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Grapes to Know: Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio covers more than 78 sq miles of our planet; or in other words there is more Pinot Gris planted in this world than would fit inside the borders of Toledo, Ohio.

But wait there’s more. Pinot Grigio is Pinot Gris is Grauburgunder is Fromentau is Ruländer. They are all the same grape and what makes them all different is the region and farming/harvesting practices.

Now, we all know and love our Italian Pinot Grigio; light, crisp, clean and refreshing. But that’s because in Italy they pick the grapes early to have less sugar and more acid. Alsace picks later making a higher alcohol more dense wine, sometimes even a sweet one. America and New Zealand can go either of those ways depending on the producers’ preference. Germany picks a little later than Italy, but not so late as Alsace thereby making a slight more dense version of Italian style, but just as crisp. So pick a style, grab a bottle, and enjoy!!

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