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Who Doesn’t Love Bubbles?

Bubbles! Who doesn’t love bubbles?

I, like, many used to believe that bubbles were a way to either start a meal or just to toast with in celebration. All that changed when I got a chance to Sommelier a Krug dinner with some celebrity chefs and paired each course with a different Krug Champagne. My mind was blown away by how well the rosé paired with Daniel Boulud’s roast lamb. It was a WOW moment. Ever since that day I have enjoyed many a meal with nothing but a glass of bubbles to go with it. I encourage you to do the same and as Olivier Krug insists try using a regular wine glass instead of a flute to allow the sparkling wine to be fully experienced.

Not all bubbles are Champagne, but all bubbles are fun and many really great.

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