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Connor’s Pick: Château La Roque Pic Saint Loup 2014

While the vineyard site has changed hands within the de la Roque family since the 13th century, this Languedoc winery undoubtedly remains one of the oldest family-run vineyards in all of France. For those unfamiliar with the wines of the Languedoc, the A.O.C. shares the same red grape varieties as much of the Rhône: Mourvédre, Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Carignan. This particular wine is mostly Grenache blended with smaller quantities of Syrah and Mourvédre. The chewy, dark red fruit of this wine is heightened by its fermentation in cement tanks and thanks to this lack of oak aging, this wine remains delicate and lively vintage after vintage. Whether you’re looking for a pairing for spicy chicken tacos or a rib eye steak, this surprisingly versatile red fits the bill. Finding any wine imported by the legendary Kermit Lynch is a challenge in many stores, but a Kermit Lynch import under $20 is a particular rarity in 2017. Grab a bottle while you can!

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