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Connor’s Pick: Abbazia di Novacella Lagrein 2015

The name of above gives little away about this red wine. Lagrein? Is that the region or the grape? It is in fact the grape. Founded by an Augustinian order of monks in the quiet village of Novacella in 1142, the estate sits slightly north of its Lagrein vineyards outside the town of Bolzano in the region of Alto-Adige (about as far north as you can travel in Italy). Despite simultaneously running their monastery and the boarding school attached to it while tending to their vineyards, they still manage to practice organically and make wine from over ten distinct grape varieties.

While the grape itself is lighter in body like Syrah and Pinot Noir, Abbazia’s Lagrein is decidedly dark-fruited and rustic in style. By now, you all know how much I love Nebbiolo and the crunchy tannins of the larger region of Piedmont – this Lagrein falls right into that category of wines. If you like the delicate balance of fruit and tannin exhibited in grapes such as Caberent Franc or Nebbiolo, this wine is for you!

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