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Our Ode to Alsace!

When I first began to learn about French wine, I studied the three most famous regions: Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne. But where do you go from there when educating yourself on French wine? Alsace is one answer! There's no shortage of magical winemakers from each of those areas, but it's no secret that those wines…

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Vive la France!

French wine is often undeservingly perceived as uniquely expensive and I think that drives casual wine drinkers towards countries such as America, South Africa and Argentina that they associate with cheaper options, but you end up missing out on some incredible values. Fear not - there is absolutely stunning French wine for less than $20…

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Orange Wine?

Orange wine has been making waves in sommelier circles for decades now, but only in the last five or so years have American wine programs begun to truly embrace the style. While many of our regular customers have likely heard the term used here in the store, few know exactly what is being referred to…

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Falling for Spring Reds!

The weather this week has us all out of sorts here at the shop - freezing temperatures one day and the next day we're reported to receive tropical highs in the 70s and pouring rain... With all this uncertainty, we need wine we can count on. A light red wine like Cabernet Franc, Dolcetto or…

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Spring Has Sprung!

It looks like Staten Island Chuck may just have been right this year! Punxsutawney Phil might predict the rest of the country's winter weather, but not this city because it's spring, ladies and gentlemen. We'll have more and more rosé options each week as it continues to warm up and we're making sure that the…

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UWS Perfect Pairings

Our customers often come into the shop looking for a pairing for one of the many local UWS takeout spots after a long day at work, but more and more, we're getting requests for certain Sweetgreen bowls and salads so we thought we'd let you in on the wines we pair with our favorite menu items!…

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Weekly Tasting Schedule

Thursday 2/9, 6-8pm: Due to the winter weather, we will not be tasting but we'll still be open!! Friday 2/10, 6-8pm: Salvatore from Vias will be pouring two of our new staff favorites, a Sangiovese from Northern Italy and Sicilian producer Purato's fresh example of Nero d'Avola, in addition to a Sylvaner from Alto-Adige and…

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Amsterdam Wine Weather Update

As you may have heard by now, we're finally supposed to get a real snowstorm.  The National Weather Service has predicted a 100% chance of heavy snow and "large snowfall totals" for New York City Thursday.  They say that this could be the worst disaster since Charlie Sheen's Torpedo of Truth tour. Local authorities and FEMA…

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Southern France

Much is made of the wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Loire Valley by customers and critics alike, leaving the wines of Southern France forgotten until rosé weather arrives in May, but we can't let this happen! Whether you're looking for a rich winter white wine or an earthy but elegant red tonight, the South…

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American Vines

January 20th has come and passed, folks. It’s time to set aside this nonsense of not drinking in January and commit to four more years of heavy consumption! In honor of our past president, we made sure to bolster our American selection in the last two weeks! Whether your budget is $15 or $100 this…

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