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Spotlight: Help in California

    As most of you have heard by now, Northern California is in the middle of a major disaster. So far, only 3 days in, there is almost zero containment, over 115,000 acres have been burned (that's larger than the size of New Orleans), and many of our friends and producers that we love…

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Spotlight: Chateau Fieuzal 2011

We have all had that 'Oh, man, if only I had bought that bottle back then' moment. The guy who brags that he bought a case of Bordeaux, Barolo, Napa Cab or whatever 10 years ago for practically nothing and now it's drinking like silk and if you wanted to buy it today you'd have…

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Grapes to Know: Pinot Noir

The benchmark and birthplace of Pinot Noir is Burgundy. Pinots here usually present themselves with paler red fruits, high acid and finesse. In contrast, California, with its warmer and drier growing conditions, gives us riper and fuller bodied wines. Oregon tends to have cooler temperatures than California and therefore their Pinots generally fall somewhere between…

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Who Doesn’t Love Bubbles?

Bubbles! Who doesn't love bubbles? I, like, many used to believe that bubbles were a way to either start a meal or just to toast with in celebration. All that changed when I got a chance to Sommelier a Krug dinner with some celebrity chefs and paired each course with a different Krug Champagne. My…

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Grapes to Know: Malbec

The world of wine is so vast, there is so much to know, so much to taste, and it's really easy to get tripped up or overwhelmed by all the information out there. It is made even more difficult because of the so many falsehoods (some intentional and some accidental) that are passed along to…

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Grapes to Know: Grenache

Grenache used to be the most widely planted grape in the world, but recently it's seen a decline due to mass productions. That's a shame since Grenache is responsible for some of the best wines in the world; Chateau Rayas, Beaucastel Chateneauf-du-pape, and Sine Qua Non to name but a few. The baseline of Grenache is red…

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Thanks to you: Wine Spectator picked us as #1 on the Upper West Side!

The October edition of The Wine Spectator is on newsstands now and we're in it. This edition goes neighborhood by neighborhood in NYC and highlights the best restaurants, specialty food purveyors and wine shops.  And for the UWS, we are singled out as the best! Senior wine writer (and UWS resident) James Molesworth says, "My pick for…

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Grapes to Know: Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio covers more than 78 sq miles of our planet; or in other words there is more Pinot Gris planted in this world than would fit inside the borders of Toledo, Ohio. But wait there's more. Pinot Grigio is Pinot Gris is Grauburgunder is Fromentau is Ruländer. They are all the same grape and…

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Grapes to Know: Chenin Blanc

  Chenin is one of those rare grapes that can make such vastly different wines depending on the climate and the winemakers choices. It can be made as a dry, light style, a heavy hitter aged in oak, a sweet wine, a sparkling wine, or almost anything in between. It is why Sommeliers love Chenin…

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Summer Cocktails

Sometimes in all this heat I really desire a refreshing cocktail more than anything else. We have spent the last few months growing our spirit selection, focusing on what we would want/need for our home bar to take our cocktail game to the next level. Like most else in the shop, we focus on smaller…

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