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Carlos’ Pick: Misfit Wine Company Cycle Buff Beauty 2015

What happens when you gather Some Young Punks, Adelina’s Colin McBryde, Marquis Sauvage, and VSI’s Ronnie Sanders and let them loose in the vinyards? Incredible wine made by a band of Misfits! This dark red creature has killer body.  She’s smooth, yet round, supple, yet firm, and an all around great package.

She’s 90% Shiraz and 10% Malbec with a beautiful smokiness and spice.  Dancing with dark berries, wild flowers, and a toned jamminess.
I obviously love this wine or I wouldn’t attempt to wax poetic, right?  If you are looking for a rich, unctuous, full bodied wine with well integrated tannins and acidity, look no further.  Pair with lamb, steak, grilled vegetables, even mac and cheese.  Whether you love your Rhone wines or lean more toward Bordeaux, are more Old World or New, here you get an Aussie that is the best of both worlds!

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