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Adam’s Pick: Palacio de Canedo Godello Bierzo 2014

Adam’s Pick: Palacio de Canedo Godello Bierzo 2014, $15

This is without a doubt one of the best inexpensive wines in the store, and yet it usually doesn’t stand a chance when sitting on the shelf next to a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. This is, undoubtedly because it is a Godello, and no one knows what the hell that is. Well I’m here to tell you, Godello is the darling white varietal of the little region of Bierzo in the relatively cool north-western tip of Spain. Think of it as texturally sharing a lot in common with Chenin Blanc and you’re off to a good start. Its flavor profile tends toward intense lemon, white peach, rocks and herbs, sitting on a chalky frame. And beyond that, the wine is meticulously organic, which is hard to find in a $15 steal of a wine.

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