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Month: August 2017

Grapes to Know: Chenin Blanc

  Chenin is one of those rare grapes that can make such vastly different wines depending on the climate and the winemakers choices. It can be made as a dry, light style, a heavy hitter aged in oak, a sweet wine, a sparkling wine, or almost anything in between. It is why Sommeliers love Chenin…

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Scott’s Pick: Domaine Huët Vouvray Sec ‘Le Haut-Lieu’

Vouvray, in the Loire Valley, is home to some of the greatest examples of Chenin Blanc. And, arguably, Domaine Huët is one of the greatest producers in Vouvray. Escaping Paris to heal his war-damaged body post WWI, Victor Huët moved to the Loire and founded his storied estate with the purchase of Le Haut-Lieu in 1928. Of the estate's…

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Summer Cocktails

Sometimes in all this heat I really desire a refreshing cocktail more than anything else. We have spent the last few months growing our spirit selection, focusing on what we would want/need for our home bar to take our cocktail game to the next level. Like most else in the shop, we focus on smaller…

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Scott’s Pick: Aperitivo Cappelletti ‘Americano Rosso, il Specialino’

I am not too good when it comes to keeping a secret. However, if Ancient Erboristeria dr. Cappelletti invited me into their inner sanctum, and said "shhh, we're about to tell you our family recipe", I would immediately pledge allegiance. The secret to creating this liquid gold would be buried deep in my vault. I do know…

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Seth’s Pick: Cardinal Spirits ‘Terra’ Botanical Gin

I am not usually a Gin fan, but Cardinal Spirits new 'Terra' gin stopped me in my bias and made me pay attention. This gin is made in Indiana, but gets its spice blend from Lior Liev Sercarz owner of La Boite (who also happens to live above our store). Lior was tasked to create a gin that…

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Our Ode to Alsace!

When I first began to learn about French wine, I studied the three most famous regions: Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne. But where do you go from there when educating yourself on French wine? Alsace is one answer! There's no shortage of magical winemakers from each of those areas, but it's no secret that those wines…

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Seth’s Pick: Marcel Deiss, Alsace Blanc 2015

When Connor asked me to pick my favorite Alsatian wine to write about that we carry, I found myself incredibly torn. Our Alsace section has three of my favorite producers from that region: Domaine Weinbach, Albert Boxler, and Marcel Deiss. How to choose? Falling back to the core of what drives me in my wine…

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Connor’s Pick: Vignoble du Rêveur ‘Vibrations’ Riesling 2013

First of all, let me clarify that this is a dry Riesling. For those of you who know the wines of Alsace, that statement may sound a bit redundant because Alsatian Riesling is traditionally vinified dry, with exceptions few and far between. This bright, high acid Riesling is an absolute steal at $22. The winery…

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Weekly Tasting Schedule

Thursday 7/27, 6-8pm: With our dear friend Brittany from Grand Cru, we'll be tasting our stunning 2011 Ghemme from Piedmont winery Ioppa, Palmina's summer-friendly example of Arneis via California and our Ramona cans! Friday 7/28, 6-8pm: Aaron with VOS Selections will pour two new wines that we just brought into the store: Patrice Colin's high…

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