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Month: January 2017

Connor’s Pick: Argyle Brut 2012

There a few things in life I would call myself a traditionalist about, but sparkling wine on New Year's Eve remains a necessity for me. However, it doesn't need to be from Champagne mind you! With vineyards located in one of the Willamette's coolest growing regions, Argyle's wines are uniformly structured and energetic. While I'm…

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Scott’s Pick: Aaron Burr New York “Homestead Location Cider: Taconic”

Cider has been a part of our culture since the arrival of Columbus—folklore has it that a beam on the Mayflower was damaged during a storm and was subsequently secured by a screw from a cider press for the remainder of the ship’s voyage to the Americas. According to Aaron Burr Cidery, within each apple’s…

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Connor’s Pick: Manoir du Kinkiz Cornouaille Cider

While I would certainly never go a week without a glass of wine, I can safely say I'm looking for a little break after New Year's Eve, but this past weekend's bubbles have me craving something sparkling. Whenever I find myself growing tired of wine, beer and cider call my name. Located in northwestern France,…

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