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Month: March 2016

Weekly Tasting Schedule 3/10-3/12

Thursday 3/10, 6-8pm: Jason from Vias will be pouring a great range of wines from all over. We will start with new bubbles from Spain, to be followed by a delicious Italian white called Greco di Tufo as well as a beautiful Chardonnay. We will also taste a lovely and well-priced Washington Merlot. Friday 3/11,…

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Why Not Try…

Cortese! A white grape variety hailing from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy.  Best known as the varietal in Gavi.  This grape produces bright, fresh, high-acid wines that usually have aromas of white flowers, lemon, apple, and honeydew.  These wines are a pleasure on their own as well as with lighter fare like charcuterie or…

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Why Not Try….

Gaglioppo! A red grape found in Southern Italy, best known in the Ciro DOC in Calabria.  It produces luscious, rustic, full-bodied reds that pair perfectly with roasted meat dishes or even lighter fare like fish or chicken. It's that versatile! Check out the Gaglioppo that we have in stock right now: -Igreco Cata Rosso 2014…

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Jess’ Pick: Altos la Hormigas, Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda Classica

Jess' Pick: Altos las Hormigas, Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda Classica 2014, $12 You won't find too many wine lists/ articles/scores singing the praise of Bonarda. For being the second most widely planted grape in Argentina, it manages to keep a pretty low profile. In my humble opinion it's one of the best kept secrets in…

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Weekly Tasting Schedule 3/3/16-3/5/16

Thursday 3/3/16, 6-8pm: We'll have Tad from Michael Skurnik here, pouring a little something for everyone. Try the elegant Raventos Cava, a fun and affordable Bonarda from Argentina, a California Chardonnay from Sandhi, and a robust Rioja Reserva that won't break the bank. Friday 3/4/16, 6-8pm: Matt from Frederick Wildman will be pouring 2 wines…

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